What Is Advanced Negotiation Training?

When you’ve completed some foundation-level negotiation skills training, it can be tempting to pat yourself on the back and relax. You understand the critical stages of the negotiation process, you’ve learned the tools to prepare for a negotiation, and you know what “good” looks like for everyone involved.

However, the best negotiators know that you can’t stop there. To be successful at negotiation, you need to practice and hone your craft. That’s where advanced negotiation skills training can add value to your negotiation repertoire. 

What is Advanced Negotiation?

Advanced negotiation builds upon the essential skills you’ve already learned and mastered. Valuable skills such as identifying barriers to success and developing effective strategies to counter them can better equip negotiators to deal with more complex, larger, or team-based negotiations. 

When your negotiation stakes ramp up – be it because you’re involved in team-based, international, or strategically important negotiations – having advanced negotiation skills under your belt can ensure that you know how to take control of the situation to achieve favorable outcomes for all parties.

Vitally, advanced negotiation skills are personal to you. Everyone has their own unconscious styles and biases, which affect how they perform under pressure and their natural approach toward negotiation. 

Gaining an understanding of advanced negotiation, ensure that you hone your skills in conducting an in-depth analysis of the objectives, maximizing the benefits of personality types within your own team, and understanding how bias can hinder or further the negotiation process. Advanced negotiation skills are a critical string to your bow to achieve shorter deal cycles and better returns. 

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Can you Train for Advanced Negotiation?

Anyone can learn the skills required for advanced negotiations, and apply them to almost any aspect of their life. Not only can you be trained in advanced negotiation, but it’s also critical for anyone who’ll be involved in complex deals involving whole teams of negotiators and even those that cross borders. 

Advanced negotiation skills training goes beyond the basic toolkit that foundation-level courses teach. Beginner or novice courses tend to focus on equipping trainees with simple theories and methodologies that they can apply to straightforward negotiation processes. 

However, advanced negotiation training goes beyond theory. Most advanced negotiation training courses focus on practical case studies and role plays – here you can practice the more nuanced skills in a safe environment and receive personalized feedback that supports you to move forwards. Typically, covering topics like persuasion and influencing skills in more depth, as well as understanding individual negotiator roles in a team situation, advanced negotiation skills training is ideal for practicing, honing, and growing your negotiation skills.  

The beauty of advanced negotiation training is that it can provide you with an opportunity to gain valuable insights into your own behavior and negotiation style and use this knowledge to achieve better outcomes. 


Do you need Advanced Negotiation Skills?

You may wonder why you need advanced negotiation skills at all, particularly if deal-making is not a core part of your job. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that negotiation is inherent in many aspects of our lives, both in a professional and personal capacity. Like everything in life, preparation is key – waiting until you need advanced negotiation techniques at the negotiation table is probably leaving it too late.

While advanced negotiation skills may be useful knowledge to have in your back pocket, they’re vital for high-tension conflict situations, both in business and diplomatic situations. Common departments that will find advanced negotiation skills beneficial include:

  • Sales and commercial teams, seeking to land an exclusive client contract
  • Purchasing and procurement teams, looking to renegotiate more favorable supplier contractual terms
  • HR teams, dealing with disciplinary and grievance processes 
  • Senior managers, as part of stakeholder and employee management

Advanced negotiation skills give you the confidence you need to better control and direct a negotiation process. Even when you’re faced with pushback and difficult situations, you’ll have the self-assurance to know that you’re armed with the tools you need to face any challenges head-on. 

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Scotwork Advanced Negotiation Course

The Scotwork Advancing Negotiation Course is ideal for anyone who wants to train to be a more successful negotiator, no matter your current ability, age, or industry background. The course is tailored to suit your needs, which are identified through interviews and surveys. From pace to content, every aspect of the Advancing Negotiation Course is designed to help you meet your business objectives. 

Delivered over 2.5 days, candidates will have the opportunity to understand the often chaotic and complex negotiation process. Our unique 8-step approach equips you with a clear, simple, and repeatable methodology that you can use time and again, to successfully manage and resolve complex negotiation situations. 

This intensive but fun course leaves behind classroom theory and presents you with practical case studies, as students often learn better by “doing” something. More than 80% of the course is dedicated to case-play exercises. Within the safe environment of a Scotwork workshop, you’ll be able to try new techniques and receive insightful feedback, to identify the approaches that work for you and your business. 


Advanced Negotiation Training Exercise Examples

Often the best way to learn is through practice, but it’s neither comfortable nor practical to practice advanced negotiation skills in a real-life setting. However, it’s only through practicing your newfound skills that you can be in control of the negotiation process

That’s why training exercises are vital for negotiators to truly master any of the advanced negotiation skills. Role-play simulations and negotiation exercises provide an opportunity to practice listening skills, body language, and understanding the role of emotional intelligence, within a safe environment. 

At Scotwork, we recognize just how important it is to carry on learning beyond the classroom. That’s why students who complete our courses receive access to the Scotwork Toolbox. At your convenience, you can refresh your memory with the course materials or access the wealth of reading and video resources available to help you put theory into practice.  


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At Scotwork, we aim to transform the way the world negotiates. We’ve put the hard work into analyzing hours of negotiation, best practices, and common negotiation behaviors so that you don’t have to! Through our negotiation skills programs and tailored solutions, you can be confident that you’ll be equipped with everything you need to walk into a negotiation and achieve the best possible outcomes, no matter how complex the deal may be. 

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